Tuesday, February 8, 2011


vijay-kavalan-07-02-11It seems that the two mass groups of the fans started to mix up without collision. After the success of Vijay`s KAVALAN, things started to change. Vijay being praised for his performance in KAVALAN is not something new as the actor has already proved his dynamic acting towards such roles long before a decade. But the positive feedback and appreciation for the actor from a particular group is something unique and happens for the first time.
Yes, two big group of Kollywood film industry Ilayathalapathy Vijay Fans and Thala Ajith Fans have finally started to alter their mind of vengeance. The recent meeting of the two masses would have made way for their respective fans to collaborate mutually. The other reason,fans (or people) realize certain super powers of the state humiliating an actor for his stage speech and creating problems for the other during his film release. Taking such statements into their mind Vijay fans and Ajith fans have started giving their mutual positive feedback for the actors.
Kavalan already having its fast rollercoaster journey seated with family member, Vijay fans and non Vijay fans, its now time for Ajith`s Mankatha. Mankatha getting ready to hit the screens later this year has built great expectations among Ajith fans. But this time it is not only Ajith fans waiting for Mankatha, but also a major part of Vijay fans waiting with their hands wide open to receive Ajith`s Mankatha and to give their positive feelings. Hope everything goes well for the heroes in the future.
And finally, Tamil cinema seems to move on the right track. If this condition prevails there is even a chance for the two masses to share the screen in future. Who knows, a time might come where we can find some big faces like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan,Vijay, Ajith, Vikram Sharing the screen making Tamil people`s dream come true.
WE need to be congratulated for spreading out its positive wave towards Tamil cinema

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