Saturday, February 5, 2011

Actor Vijay criticizes DMK openly

Chennai Feb 03 ( truthdive): Actor Vijay has openly criticized the ruling party in Tamil Nadu. His plain speak in an interview to Anantha Vikadan, a popular Tamil magazine may add fuel to the burning political scenario on the eve of ensuing Assembly elections.
It may not be known whether the out of the screen activities of Vijay such as forming a social movement, contact with Rahul Gandhi are the outcome of his reaction to the business rivalry with the DMK’s first family involved in film production and distribution or for his long term goal of entering politics to become Chief Minister of Tamil nadu.
There are complaints in Kollywood that the influence of ruling party in screening of films in theaters, by giving priority to the DMK family production only, has gone beyond limits and has caused losses to others.
Vijay has accused that the release of his films during the festival time was prevented or delayed only to facilitate the successful running of the films produced and distributed by DMK men to ease out competition from his films. He has asked how the same forces telecast Vijay films during festival time to earn money. He has wryly commented ” they need my face to erase my face” He has added angrily ” Festivals come for the celebration for all the people. If they rule that “Only we will fire crackers( during Deepavali) and only we will taste sugarcane ( during Pongal) is this a good country?”

Vijay has further accused that he was virtually prevented from attending a meeting organised by his people movement at Erode citing security reasons. The ruling party men threatened the theater owners even after the release of his latest film “Kavalan’
He has declared that “Kavalan” has laid the road map for his future journey. He has drawn references to the insulting incidents in the life of Gandhi, MGR, Jayalalithaa and Vijaykanth which landed them in leadership.
The interview given by Vijay on the above lines is considered a bold outcry. Earlier his professional rival but personal friend actor Ajith too opened his mouth against the pressure from ruling party men but went silent after meeting the Chief Minister at his residence.
There has been some rivalry simmering between Vijay fans and the DMK men since Vijay was given a pet name ” Ilaya thalapathi” meaning ” Junior Commander”. DMK men felt that the pet name of ‘ Thalapathy” already carried by M.K Stalin was being imitated to convey a meaning that Vijay would be the Leader of younger generation next to M.K Stalin.
Ever since the release date of the Vijay Film ” Kavalan” was postponed allegedly owing to pressure from Deputy Chief Minister M.K Stalin’s son Udhayanithi, there were hectic behind the screen activities which culminated in a meeting of Vijay’s father S.A Chandrasekaran with opposition leader J.Jayalalithaa. It seems necessary plans have already been chalked out by these elders for Ilaya thalapathi.
Now DMK has to face 2G Scam, price rise especially in vegetable and grocery effecting overall food inflation, power cut, inaction in Fishermen killing, hostile congress alliance workers and Vijay. Vijay is expected to divert his fan base to work for AIADMK in this election.
It may be recalled that under similar circumstances Rajini fans worked towards the success of DMK once. Now the AIADMK combine have an added advantage. Whether the DMK will face and defeat the campaign of array of film stars in AIADMK front like what happened in the last elections depends on the field level work to be done by both sides during the election time.

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