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Velayudham becomes winner for Diwali

Initially, the number of prints for ‘Velayudham’ was literally lesser than Suriya-Shruthi Haasan starrer ‘7 Aum Arivu’. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin had taken more measures to promote the film so as to make sure that his film spins big profits during the opening weekend. In fact, Udhayanidhi Stalin released the film a prior day to Vijay’s ‘Velayudham’ to ensure that it has a good reception.

But on the contrary, Velayudham has taken a front seat winning the Diwali race. The audiences have acclaimed the film as the best entertainer while ‘7 Aum Arivu’ has got mixed reviews. The film ‘7 Aum Arivu’ didn’t manage to gain the interests of all group of audiences for its flimsy script and sluggish moments in screenplay.

But Velayudham has won the interests of critics and audiences across all centres as well. Director Raja and Vijay have thanked all the media channels and audiences for making the film more successful. The film has been ennobled as the best entertainment for its mixture of fun, frolic, action, sentiments, etc…

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gautham Menon speaks about Vijay’s Yohan : Athiyayam Ondru

Gautham Menon is currently busy with the direction of his trilingual venture Nee Thanae En Ponvasantham with Jeeva and Samantha in the leads in the Tamil Version.
The film will have Nani and Aditya Roy Kapoor in the Telugu and Hindi versions respectively while Samantha is the heroine in all versions.

Next to this, Gautham is planning to begin the shoot of his next film with Ilayathalapathy Vijay in the lead. Titled as Yohan Athiyayam Ondru, Vijay will be seen as international agent in the film. The film will be produced under Gautham Menon’s Photon Kathaas Productions.

Speaking about the film, Gautham Menon said, “Vijay and I were planning to team up from long time and finally it worked now. It’s an international film with an international theme. Vijay dons the role of international agent.”

Rahman is scoring the tunes for the film.

Grand Opening for 'VELAYUTHAM - Indiaglitz

It was Deepavali in front of cinema halls screening 'Velayudham' on Wednesday, as Vijay fans ensured that they were no inferior to anyone when it comes to celebrating the release of their favourite star's film. The theatre managements and the police had a tough time in controlling them.
Paal abhishekams were performed, crackers were busted, sweets were given to welcome 'Velayudham', the costliest ever Vijay film. Special shows were screened right from the wee hours of Wednesday and hence, celebrations started as early as 4 am in front of theatres.
"We were waiting for such a mass entertainer from the Ilaya Thalapathi and he has fulfilled our wishes. Velayudham is a cracker this Deepavali and we enjoyed each and every scene. We would like to thank director Jayam M Raja for giving us such a grand treat," said an avid fan of Vijay, while coming out of a special show Wednesday morning.
Elaborate arrangements were made by Vijay fans clubs and Makkal Iyakkam to give a warm reception to the film. Produced by V Ravichandran on Aascar Films Pvt Ltd banner, 'Velayudham' has Vijay in the role of a milk vendor, who later transforms into a messiah of the masses.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Victory March - THE HINDU

Invariably, all my interactions with the Ilaiya Thalapathi have had me doing most of the talking! A poser that ran into a few sentences was rarely fielded in a similar fashion. Reply was almost always restricted to a couple of words! Slightly different this time as I shoot questions about Velayudham , which is ready to roll out this Deepavali, he fields them with cheer. Laughs Vijay: “Basically, I'm reticent. To the extent that some find it exasperating. But that's my nature. All the same, I do share all the relevant material with you, don't I? And how can I go on and on about my own work?”
Yet Vijay was quite articulate at the audio release of the film in Madurai and even sang the opening lines of a Velayudham number, which had the star-struck crowd going crazy! “That's cultivated, to please fans who want me to croon a couple of lines every time I'm on stage. Otherwise I prefer to remain low-key,” he says.
Taking risks
Director Raja had spoken to me at length about the risks Vijay has taken for Velayudham . In the name of authenticity, many heroes court danger while enacting action sequences. “Risk, yes, but it's not recklessness,” contends Vijay. “Whether it is the stuntmen or the heroes, these days ample precaution is taken to ensure their safety. Of course, mistiming could lead to accidents.” As it happened in his case when he jumped off a high rise for Piriyamudan and was confined to bed for 45 days. “Yeah, as I said, the calculation went wrong,” he shrugs. “And do you know the doctors had given up on me and said I might not be able to walk ever?” Yet why does he resort to such daredevilry? Even in Badri, he let a huge container lorry run over his hands. It was a much talked about scene then!
Surely, despite all the boldness he should be experiencing the jitters while actually performing the stunts. “As I said, enough safety measures are taken and when my body double can do it, why can't I, is the thought that spurs me on. And no, I don't develop cold feet at all.”
Spontaneous humour
Vijay may look sedate and serious, but he has been part of some unforgettable rib-tickling situations on screen. Who can forget the hilarity he provided in Friends , Ghilli and also in this year's January fiesta, Kaavalan ? “Comedy, when contrived, is bound to fall flat. Even while going through the lines I can gauge whether it would work with our audiences. Spontaneity will be a scoring point in the comedy concepts we've enacted in Velayudham .”
And in classics such as Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai and Kannukkul Nilavu , Vijay proved that he can be equally effective in sentiment. Does Velayudham offer him scope for another such sober, underplayed portrayal? “Yeah, we have a few sequences, where both sentiment and action are the highlights. ‘When you strike the villain with all your might to give vent to your pent up anger, the audience should feel the adrenaline rush. The empathy will surely translate into positive results,' my dad [director S.A. Chandrasekaran] tells me often. I feel the audience will experience it in Velayudham .”
On and off, Vijay turns singer for his films. Did he feel he could have sung a number for Velayudham , particularly when he listened to ‘Mulachu Moonu …' a chartbuster? “Not exactly, but I like the ‘Maayam Seidhaayo' piece too. They have been beautifully captured on screen. Priyan, the cinematographer, has been an asset to Velayudham . The speed at which he operates is incredible,” certifies Vijay. And in the same vein adds, “I've followed Raja's films and found him to be an astute filmmaker. Remakes aren't easy and the amount of originality he weaves into his scripts impresses me. Working with him in Velayudham has only reinforced my opinion.”
The year began with a bang for Vijay when Kaavalan , which had a trying time finding its way to the cinemas, eventually, turned up trumps. Velayudham is Vijay's second release in 2011 and going by the buzz, should be another winner for the hero. “Again to quote my dad, ‘If the base of a line is strong, none can stop its run.' The premise is a highpoint of Velayudham ,” he smiles.
His audiences include men, women and children both young and old, besides a formidable fan base of hardcore loyalists. During an earlier meeting Vijay had told me, “I give my audience what I as a movie goer like to watch on screen.” So did he enjoy watching Velayudham ? “Sure, I did,” he says, pauses for a moment and asks, “I don't sound over-confident, do I?” That's another interesting facet of this matinee idol — the reassurance he seeks despite his words being measured.
Comedy, when contrived, is bound to fall flat. Even while going through the lines I can gauge whether it would work. Spontaneity will be a scoring point in the comedy concepts in Velayudham

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Nanban has turned the talk of the tinsel town as it is one of the prestigious films being made with a huge budget and ensemble cast.
Buzz in the tinsel is that there are more chances for Kalanidhi Maaran’s ‘Sun Pictures’ to bag the distribution rights of Nanban. It is learnt that Shankar has engaged Sun Studios for the Nanban Computer Graphic works and other major portions shooting. So taking this into consideration rumor is milling that Sun Pictures may hold the rights of the film. But it scan be noted here that recently Sun Pictures has dropped the distribution rights of Bala’s forthcoming film Avan Ivan which was initially taken by them.
This is because of the change of guard at the state level that has changed the fate of many films. If Nanban is taken by Sun Pictures one of the biggest market leaders in Kollywood it’s sure that the film will add much more elegance through its strategic promotions.
Nanban is produced by Raju Easwaran and T. Muthuraj under the banner of Gemini Film Circuit.
Nanban is tentatively slated for its release on 26 October 2011.
Let’s wait and see whether Sun Pictures bags the rights of Nanban one of the prestigious films of Kollywood.

Velayudham director wants to wait

Jeyam Raja is being peppered with questions about Velayudham, Vijay's next big release. The director has said that he wants to wait before making any official announcements as the film has to be cleared by the censors. They will be viewing the film on the 17th or 18th of this month and he is keeping his fingers crossed.
Once the verdict from the censors is out, Jeyam Raja says that promotional activities will commence. And the film is expected to release shortly so all questions will be answered then.

Friday, October 7, 2011

VIJAY will Worik With Director Vijay.......

Director Vijay would work with actor Vijay is a longtime buzz, which is likely to become a reality soon. If sources are to be believed, the Ilayathalapathy is keen to join hands with the 'Madrasapattinam' and 'Deiva Thirumagal' director, sometime next year.
"By the first quarter of 2012, both would become free, as the actor would complete Yohan Adhyayam Ondru with Gautham Vasudev Menon and the director would finish off his yet-to-be-titled film with Vikram. They would start their project after that," sources say.
Remember circles close to Vijay said recently that his forthcoming films would be with established directors alone, as the actor wants to deliver handful of big hits in the next five years, before he would start focusing on politics in a full-fledged manner.
Apparently proving this, Vijay's next 'Velayudham' is directed by 'Jayam' Raja, 'Nanban' by Shankar and 'Yohan Adhyayam Ondru' by Gautham Vasudev Menon. In contrary, in the last couple of years, two of his films ('Vettaikaran' and 'Sura') were with budding directors.
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