Saturday, October 29, 2011

Velayudham becomes winner for Diwali

Initially, the number of prints for ‘Velayudham’ was literally lesser than Suriya-Shruthi Haasan starrer ‘7 Aum Arivu’. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin had taken more measures to promote the film so as to make sure that his film spins big profits during the opening weekend. In fact, Udhayanidhi Stalin released the film a prior day to Vijay’s ‘Velayudham’ to ensure that it has a good reception.

But on the contrary, Velayudham has taken a front seat winning the Diwali race. The audiences have acclaimed the film as the best entertainer while ‘7 Aum Arivu’ has got mixed reviews. The film ‘7 Aum Arivu’ didn’t manage to gain the interests of all group of audiences for its flimsy script and sluggish moments in screenplay.

But Velayudham has won the interests of critics and audiences across all centres as well. Director Raja and Vijay have thanked all the media channels and audiences for making the film more successful. The film has been ennobled as the best entertainment for its mixture of fun, frolic, action, sentiments, etc…


  1. vijay anna proved he is one and only mass

  2. he is king of king

  3. The one and only king of box office is our own Thalapathy


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