Monday, June 13, 2011

Vijay supports Jayalalitha's Decision

Chief minister Jayalalitha strongly condemned the atrocities being perpetrated against Tamils in Sri Lanka. She quoted a UN appointed committee report that shed light on the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan government's during its armed conflict with the LTTE. Even harmless civilians were not spared, she said. She demanded punishment for those guilty of such war crimes.
Jayalalitha passed a resolution at the Tamil Nadu Assembly which has been accepted by all the parties calling for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka by the Indian government. She has said it was the only way to get the Sri Lankan government to toe the line and to ensure the safety of the Tamils.
Vijay has commended her actions and said that they are reassuring to the Tamilians there. He said that it is his desire that the Tamils in Sri Lanka will soon be able to live with peace, happiness, and equal rights.

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