Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Velayudham has a surprise for the fans!

Vijay’s Velayudham directed by ‘Jeyam’ Raja is racing towards the finish line. Fans expect the movies of Ilaya Thalapathi to have superb action and songs with their idol doing some fabulous dance moves and Vijay wants to make sure that his fans are not disappointed. He and the director have gone the extra mile to ensure that the fans get what they want and also surprise them by taking the action and dance numbers to the next level.
The climax scenes have been shot under the supervision of a stunt choreographer from Hollywood, Tom Delmar and the makers are confident that it will be breathtaking. The action is simply superb and the finale is going to be well received by the audience.
Vijay Antony is doing the music and he has composed some peppy tunes that are going to rock. The introduction song has been shot with 1000 dancers and took about 1.25 crores to make. It is supposed to be his best intro ever. The audio will be released towards the end of April and ‘Jeyam’ Raja wants to release the movie on Vijay’s birthday on June 22nd.

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