Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The audio launch of SA Chandrasekaran directed ‘Sattapadi Kuttram’ today became a heated dais for all dignitaries to air their views and vent their anger on whether Illaya Thalapathi Vijay should enter politics or not. The venue was Kamala Theatres and all who had gathered at the function let their minds speak without hang-ups.
The bomb was first lit by producer K T Kunjumon who opened the subject first and intensely argued that Vijay must enter politics. He said he went and offered his supported Vijay at the Nagapattinam rally on his own after seeing the fire in Vijay.
Owner of Kamala Theatre and close friend to many industry giants like MGR and Sivaji, Chidambaram Chettiar politely requested Vijay not to enter politics. He said that, he said the same thing to Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji when he launched his political out fit in the late eighties.
Chidambaram also said Vijay is an extra ordinary actor who can challenge even the Hollywood. So he said to Vijay's father SA Chandrasekaran, " if you want enter politics please do and contest elections. But leave Vijay out of it".
Most others like Seeman, Sathyaraj and Selvamani heatedly refuted Chidambaram saying if good people like Vijay stays out of politics then every Tom Dick and Harry who wants to loot the people will get the field to play. They said Vijay should not allow that to happen and soon enter politics.
The heat is very much on. Check out the video to see what exactly happened.

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